Step 1: Subscribe to

This tutorial assumes you have already subscribed to MHz Choice at If you do not already have a subscription, click here to start your FREE trial. 

Step 2: Install the MHz Choice iOS App

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your Apple iOS device. Note: your iOS device needs to be running version 12 or later.

  2. Search for "MHz Choice".

  3. The MHz Choice iOS app will appear in your results. Tap on the download icon (downward facing arrow) to start the installation process and follow the on-screen prompts.

       4. Once the app is fully downloaded tap OPEN. 

Step 3: Sign in and Activate the MHz Choice iOS App

  1. Select login

  2. Enter your MHz Choice email address and select NEXT

  3. Enter your MHz Choice password and select LOG IN

Why do I need to activate my iOS device?

The activation process links your iOS device with your MHz Choice account and authorizes your device to access MHz Choice. After the activation process is complete, your device will remain signed in to MHz Choice until you actively sign out.

Click here to learn what all those icons on the iOS app screen do.