MHz Choice and Comcast Xfinity X1

Q: How can I subscribe to MHz Choice on Comcast's Xfinity X1?

Xfinity X1 customers can subscribe to and access the entire MHz Choice library by saying “MHz Choice” into their X1 voice remote or by finding it within the networks section of Xfinity on Demand. An MHz Choice subscription can be added to X1 customers’ service for $7.99 per month.

An Xfinity X1 Digital Cable service subscription is required to receive Xfinity X1 Subscription On Demand Packages.

How to add MHz Choice to your Xfinity X1 On-Demand Package

  1. Click on the XFINITY button on your remote.

  2. Using the arrow keys next to the XFINITY button, move left to the magnifying glass on the screen and press the OK button on your remote.

  3. Using the arrow keys, toggle left and right to type "MHZ"

  4. Press the down arrow key and it will highlight the MHz CHOICE logo. Press OK.

  5. The logo will appear highlighted again under the heading SEARCH CHANNELS.  Press OK.

  6. This will take you to the MHz CHOICE home page.

  7. Using the arrow keys, move up, down, left or right to explore the different series on our service.

  8. Select the series of your choice. Press OK.

  9. Select the EPISODES tab. Press OK.

  10. Select any episode. Press OK.

  11. This will prompt the SUBSCRIBE option. Press OK.

  12. Follow the screen prompts and you will have successfully subscribed to MHz Choice.

If you require additional assistance with your Xfinity X1 account, please contact Comcast Support: 1-800-xfinity (800-934-6489).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am already subscribed to MHz Choice (, can I use my existing login to watch MHz Choice on Xfinity X1?

No, your subscription login will not work on Xfinity X1 as they are two separate platforms. 

Q: Can I transfer my subscription over to MHz Choice on Xfinity X1 and vice versa?

No, they are independent subscriptions. 

Q: Do I need to keep my subscription active to subscribe to MHz Choice on Xfinity X1?

No, they are independent subscriptions. 

Q: Is there any difference between what programs are on vs. programs on MHz Choice on Xfinity X1?

No, they both feature exactly the same programs.  

Q: How do I contact tech or billing support for my Xfinity X1 account?

Any and all questions related to your Xfinity X1 account are handled directly by Comcast. Please contact Comcast support for assistance.

Q: Is there a free trial?

Yes! Xfinity X1 customers can try MHz Choice on Xfinity X1 FREE for 7 days. After which, you will be billed $7.99/month. No commitment, cancel anytime.