Watch on Roku* in 3 Steps

*not compatible with Roku devices released before 2013.

Step 1: Subscribe to 

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Step 2: Install the MHz Choice Roku App

  1. On your Roku device, navigate to the Roku home screen

  2. From the menu on the left side of your screen select SEARCH

  3. Enter “mhz choice” into the search box. In the results, select MHz Choice + Topic icon, and then select ADD APP. (Do NOT select MHz Choice + Topic on The Roku Channel)

  4. To open the MHz Choice App, press the HOME button on your Roku remote control and scroll through your apps list to find the MHz Choice +Topic icon. Select the MHz Choice +Topic icon to launch the App. (If you cannot find the app on your home screen, select SEARCH and the app should appear in your recent searches. From there click on the MHz+ Topic app and select OPEN APP.

Step 3: Sign in on your Roku

When you first launch the MHz Choice Roku app, you will be taken to a page where you will need to sign in.

  1. Select Log in

  2. Enter your email and password

  3. Your TV screen should automatically navigate you to the MHz Choice home screen where you can begin watching MHz Choice programs