PLEASE NOTE: This app is compatible with Samsung TVs manufactured in 2018 or later. This app is currently only available in the U.S. Samsung App Store.

Click here for a list of compatible Samsung TVs.

Step 1: Subscribe to

This tutorial assumes you have already subscribed to MHz Choice at If you do not already have a subscription, click here to start your FREE trial. 

Step 2: Press the “hub” button on your Samsung remote. (Yours may look different than what is pictured).

Step 3: Navigate to the APPS tab and select it.

Samsung app

Step 4: Look for the search tool and search for MHz Choice.

Samsung app

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to locate the MHz Choice app in the Samsung App Store, please double check to make sure your Samsung Smart TV was manufactured in 2018 or later.

Step 5: Select the MHz Choice app in results and Install it.

Step 6: Launch, log in and activate.

How to Activate Your Samsung Smart TV

When you first launch the MHz Choice Samsung TV app, you'll be taken to the log in screen. “Activating” your Samsung TV links your TV with your account.

1) Select "Log in"

2) Go to your computer, open a web browser window, and go to and enter your 4 digit activation code that is presented on screen.

QUICK TIP: Once you install and activate the MHz Choice Samsung Smart TV app, press the RETURN or BACK button on your Samsung remote control to access the top menu.